Facts about Money and the MLB World Series

Well, what an amazing World Series 2017 played by both the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros!  They both fought until the end and both cities had reasons to fight; fires, hurricanes, and diehard fans supporting them.  What a great way to come together and create a spirit of endurance and dream building.

On this fun, celebratory, Friday in Houston I thought I would share some money stats surrounding the World Series that you may find interesting.

    • Forbes reported the Astros’ team value was $1.45 billion in April 2017, while the average MLB team is worth $1.54 billion. Let’s break this down a bit. Jim Crane buys the Astros in 2011 for $465 million. That’s a 312% gain in just 6 years and that was the value before winning the world series!
    • Forbes reported the Dodgers’ team value was $2.75 billion in April 2017. Guggenheim buys the Dodgers in 2012 for $2 billion only a 37.5% gain in 5 years.
    • 40% of the Astros’ revenue comes from its city and market size.
    • 49% of the Dodgers’ revenue comes from its city and market size.
    • 2017 payroll for the Astros ranks 19th in MLB, with $122.4 million. A $30 million increase from 2016. In comparison, the Dodgers had a payroll ranked #1 with $225.6 million. A $4 million decrease from 2016. On average MLB had nearly a 5% increase in payroll amounts for 2017 compared to the year before (provided by Forbes).

    • CNBC reported, just before game 7, about the “players pool” according to MLB. This is the BONUS available to players. 
        • Here is how the pool gets formed:
          • 50% of the gate receipts from Wild Card Games
          • 60% of the gate receipts from games 1-3 of the Division Series
          • 60% of the gate receipts from games 1-4 of League Championship Series
          • 60% of the gate receipts from 1-4 games of the World Series
        • Here is how the pool gets divided: 

  • In 2016 the pool was worth $76.6 million and the World Series winner, the Chicago Cubs, split $27.6 million. That amount was divided among players, coaches, and nonuniformed personnel.
  • HR4HR $500,000 was given to hurricane relief by T-Mobile based on World Series home runs.
  • $10 million in free furniture from Gallery Furniture. Gallery Furniture is owned by Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale and based in Houston. They are known for their support of the community and Houston’s local sports teams. The store ran a promo to refund customers who bought $3,000 or more in mattresses, box foundations or adjustable bed bases if the Astros won the World Series. 

Congratulations to both teams for their efforts and inspiration! Houston is proud to be the home of the Astros, and we will witness that today when we celebrate with them downtown.  If you have additional money stats add them to the comments below.  Enjoy the weekend and keep learning, knowledge is key!